Engadine Residence- New home
The brief for this home was to maximize the passive design potential of the East - West block. By orientating all the living spaces to the North and calculating the sun angles, we have created a home that allows a generous amount of sunlight onto the burnished concrete slab in winter, whilst shading the home in summer. Walls have an R-value of R4, roof insulation is R6 and all windows are double glazed aluminium with flyscreens. Careful selection of building materials and design have created a home that needs minimal heating and cooling. This house recorded 24 degrees internally on the 7th of May 2015 when external temperatures were 18degrees. And on a day in November 2014 the temperature internally was 26 degrees when externally the temperature was 38degrees. The clients selected some beautiful hardwood, a stunning stained glass window and incorporated some stonework detailing which has really softened the space and added warmth.